Fresh Mango: May 10, 2022

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 Fresh Mango

10 new releases that are worth checking out!
10 short reviews.
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Alfredo Ghosts - Alfredo Ghosts (MR)
(38:35, Album, Digital, Youth Riot Records, 29/10/2021)
According to their appearances on the internet, Alfredo Ghosts are a band from Seattle, Washington. The city which is home to the Space Needle has more than once been suspected to be inhabited by extraterrestial life. And if Alex, Eric, Eric, and Will turn out to be from the same galaxy as Frank N. Furter, it would be no big surprise. The quartet which may or may not have come to Earth by a UFO has published their self-titled debut album last year. On a dozen of earth-shakers of songs, Alfredo Ghosts mix a tasty cocktail Garage Rock, Rockabilly, Rhythm and Blues, and some nameless ingredients. Think of Moon Walker (another extraterrestial reference!), Demented Are Go (very likely to be aliens, too), Devo (100% aliens), and Frank N. Furter spending a night together at a bar near Area 51: the result would sound like this awesome album!

Down South Pepper Band - Son of a Gun (MR)
(03:05, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 23/03/2022)
The Down South Pepper Band are a duo from Norwegian capital Oslo who love to tell exciting and uplifting tales by musicking them with dynamic Americana, Country, and the sweet spot where Folk and Anti-Folk meet. Their latest single 'Son of a Gun' is a song about the people whom you can meet when on your way. Travellers, commuters, hikers, or just people on their way to the market know those situations when you met that 'Son of a Gun', let them tell their stories, try not to ask too many questions, and then finally enjoy the liberty of going your way alone again. The DSP Band's new single is a very joyful Americana tune, full of movement and funny moments - an ideal soundtrack for road, track, and any other way.

Jane N' The Jungle - Ocean Creatures (MR)
(03:59, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 25/03/2022)
'Ocean Creatures' is the title track of Jane N' The Jungle's latest EP. The five-track release's final song has received its own video two weeks after the EP was published, and it is a very personal one since vocalist Jane processes an out-of-body experience here. On atmospheric and melancholic Alternative Rock that combines the gloomy style of the late 1990s with a very modern approach to heavy and sensual Rock music Jane tells her story. The song describes the traumatic experience when the musician got hit by a car and therefore her mind transferred to a safe space where the sky and the ocean were no longer separated. Jane was at this place until she woke up in our world again - alive. This traumatic and yet fantastic experience has inspired this stunning song which has now received the video you can see below - the artistic processing of the story by the two gifted creators Tony Aguilera and Jim Louvau.

Ashley Puckett - What's her Name? (MR)
(04:19, Single, Digital, MTS Records, 25/03/2022)
The song 'What's her Name?' is featured on Ashley Puckett's 2020 debut album "Never say Never". With this longplayer, the artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has burst into the world of Rock and Country like a wrecking ball. After the hge success of the single 'Bulletproof', this single from the same album has the potential to come as an even bigger bombshell. The song tells the story of a person who finds out that their lover is cheating on them. Suddenly confronted with this new situation in which their love does not seem as strong as it did before, the protagonist wants to know only one thing: 'What's her Name?' And like this, Ashely Puckett enchants this thrilling soundscape made from Blues, Rock and Country with her stunning voice and a self-confident attitude.

Near Death Experience (NDX) - Underground (MR)
(04:00, Single, Digital, Charisma Bypass, 22/04/2022)
Never mind Blues, Groove, or Soul... this is Subterranean Swing! Near Death Experience (NDX) from English capital London take their listeners to a whole new level. Deep down underground where no human soul has set foot upon yet, the quartet has dug out a dancefloor - and they do not hesitate to use it. With a bassline so groovy it moves your feet by instance a guitar lick introduced that will turn even a mole into a surfer. And while the easygoing jazziness of the drums emphasizes these moves of joy, the horns illuminate the subterranean party floor with hot but gentle sun rays. This party banger is ready to turn every crypt, basement, or subway tunnel into a dancefloor.

Paper Tigers - Graceless (MR)
(19:09, EP, Digital, Old Crows Records, 29/04/2022)
Over the past four years, quartet Paper Tigers from Northern Irish capital Belfast has not only formed as a band and found their musical style, they have also won several prizes and convinced plenty of listeners. Now, their first EP "Graceless" has been released and gives us a great insight into the band's processing of the time since 2020. Paper Tigers put very personal feelings into their debut and present them via a thrilling soundscape that is simultaneously powerful, heavy, emotional, and reflected. With sensual ballads, such as the title track, with intense Punk Rock hymns like 'Omission', or heavy - almost metallic - Alternative Rock bangers like 'Hush', Paper Tigers show no doubt that they are a band you should keep in mind. And last but not least, final track 'Moloko' is the song to spice up your next party.

Gorgeous Dykes - No Approval (MR)
(02:52, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 06/05/2022)
Ana and Lucy from Oakland, California are Gorgeous Dykes, and they have brought us exciting Synthwave, Post Punk, Dream Pop, or No Wave for the last four years. Their latest single release 'No Approval' marks a shift in paradigms of the duo's musical progression. Gradually lowering the impact of gloomy Post Punk sounds in their music, they create a colorful bouquet of boppy an upbeat Dream Pop that contains a deeply important and empowering message. Like the protagonist of the single, Gorgeous Dykes encourage their listeners to be themselves, to accept themselves, and to grow within a loving community in which this liberty is granted

The Margaret Hooligans - Oh Lord, Hit it (MR)
(05:16, Single, Digital, Piety Street Publishing, 06/05/2022)
The Margaret Hooligans from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have recently released their single 'Good Morning, Micro Man' which marked the beginning of their month-by-month release marathon of singles which will end in September before the duo's sophomore album "Turntable Tribulations" will be out in October. The single on hand is not only the second part of this exciting journey, 'Oh Lord, Hit it' is furthermore a bone-dry and fast-forward Garage Rock anthem that was made for the fast lane. Driven by fuzz and distortion, the song combines rock music from more than half a century and thereby mixes an explosive cocktail. Thus, vocalist and baritone ukulele player Meg Cratty is not beating about the bush in the lyrics telling the tale of someone who is "always fucking it up". Mr Strontium is supporting her with his eclectic drumming and percussive elements.

Benjamin Adair Murphy - Old Chords (MR)
(14:33, EP, Digital, selfrelease, 06/05/2022)
And while speaking of sonic heat, the new EP by Benjamin Adair Murphy from Mexico City comes up next just right. On six tracks, the gifted artist presents his "Old Chords". Heat and age should neverthless be mistaken for dusty or old-fashioned sounds. On the contrary, Benjamin Adair Murphy and his guests let the genres Country, Folk, and Americana appear in a dynamic fresh wind. And thus, the six-track EP is a moving collection that tells of passion, wanderlust, and going one's own way. The guest musicians who helped realize this stunning piece of timeless Folk music are Juan Victor Belisario Figuera (bass), Wyatt Tuzo (lap steel, 12-string guitar), Allison Langerak (vocals), and Roy Gurel (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, organs, piano, percussion, vocals).

Strange Horizon - Beyond the Strange Horizon (MR)
(47:20, Album, Vinyl/CD/Digital, Apollon Records, 06/05/2022)
And last but not least with Strange Horizon from Norwegian town Bergen there is a band in this Fresh Mango series that once more proves the neverending fascination for Black Sabbath within the realms of Doom Metal. Will this Sabbath Worship ever become boring? Probably not - or at least not yet. Strange Horizon provide us with thrilling harmonic and headbanging Traditional Doom in the vein of the original from Birmingham and Saint Vitus, and they spice up this tasty dish with some ingredients that only grow North of the Arctic Circle - or "Beyond the Strange Horizon". Turn up the volume and let the fuzz enchant you.


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