EP Review: Coffee House Anarchists - Separated by the Sea Pt. 2 (2022)

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Picture Credit: Coffee House Anarchists

Coffee House Anarchists - Separated by the Sea Pt. 2
Release Date: March 18, 2022
Label: 321recording...
Format: Digital
Duration: 12:42
Genre: Indie Folk / Shoegaze
Origin: Montpellier, France

The title of the EP on hand reveals that this is the second part of the "Separated by the Sea" series written and recorded by Montpellier-based trio Coffee House Anarchists. The four-track release follows its predecessor which was out in December 2021. If you have not yet, you should give the first part a spin. Reasons for that are the deeply atmospheric and emotional soundscapes contained on "Separated by the Sea Pt. 1", the fact that the two EPs together make a coherent album, and finally the stunning track 'Spanish Ladies' that reminds of Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters' gone Dream Pop.
Nevertheless, this article is about "Separated by the Sea Pt. 2", the second part of the seventh full-length album brought to you by two brothers from England and their friend from France.

The EP's first track is the bittersweet emotional Shoegaze and Dream Pop ballad 'Separated by the Sea'. After the first few beats, the thick and yet smooth cover of clouds made from ethereal synthies slowly cracks open and warming sunrays shine through. Further movement is being created by the soft guitar themes that remind a gentle breeze carrying along the gentle salty taste of the ocean.

The title track smoothly fades out and thus leaves space for the massively rolling riff of the second song 'On & On'. Compared to the opening song, this thrilling Indie Rock tune appears like a giant thunderstorm with all of its beauties and fascinating features. Still driven by a foggy and omnipresent Shoegaze foundation, 'On & On' is defined by musical swell that changes between high-tide Rock'n'Roll and energetically charged Indie Pop.

As the sonic waves flatten and the musical sky seems to become clearer, the third track 'ΑΩ' begins with an exciting Folk theme. Distant vocals hover above a dynamic percussive section and a very active Folk theme played by guitar and bass. Both, rhythm and melody remind of Celtic Folk which lets the listeners remain with the mental cinema of a stormy coast. At this party of the analogy, the skies have become clear, the thick fog is gone, the ocean has calmed, and gentle waves roll towards England's southern shore while sunrays joyfully dance over them. The latter movement is emphasized by the ethereal and heart-warming back vocals.

After the final notes of 'ΑΩ', Coffee House Anarchists keep up with the Folk theme, but in the EP's final song 'It is well with my Soul' they present a much more sober approach. Reflected and self-confident, this atmospheric tune spreads content and a happy look back on past events. Carried by harmonic Indie Folk and gentle rhythms, the trio presents a wholesome and confident perspective oon thesonic journey that "Separated by the Sea" Part 1 and 2 was.

Picture Credit: Coffee House Anarchists

With or without the first part of the Double-EP album, "Separated by the Sea Pt. 2" is a beautiful and deeply releaxing release. The EP allows the listeners to lean back, reflect, and be grateful. The wholesome approach to Folk, Rock, Indie, and Shoegaze makes an exciting cocktail that tastes best at a calm evening or on holidays, but can also be enjoyed on multiple other occasions.

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