Single Review: Russell Joslin & High Black Water - Streetfight (2022)

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Picture Credit: Russell Joslin & High Black Water

Russell Joslin & High Black Water - Streetfight

Release Date: April 15, 2022
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Duration: 04:25
Genre: Post Punk / Dark Pop / Synthwave
Origin: London, England

Russell Joslin from the Greater London area in England has formerly been known for his Folk and Acoustic sounds. During the lockdowns in 2020 - a time when many band musicians decided to start going solo - Joslin laid foundation of his new project calld Russell Joslin & High Black Water. Writing and recording with a whole new approach and thereby rediscovering his own musical style, the English artist has produced material for an upcoming album release to be expected in 2023. The first ex ante single 'Streetfight' is out now, and besides mastermind Russell Joslin on vocals, guitars and synths, it features Alyson Frazier (flute), Rolfin Nyhus (bass), and Sarah McCaig (additional vocals).

The song is a cinematic hommage to London and its dirtier and rather dystopian sides. Russell Joslin & High Black Water invite their audience on a ride through town during the magical hour between dark and dawn. The amazing music video created by Ben Sommers starring Jeremy Tuplin as taxi driver perfectly presents the distanced view on a broken world that the song projects. Exhausted from a night shift, the protagonist watches the violent and rough reality of after-dark London - a world intoxicated by drugs and alcohol, by machismo and hierarchic delinquancy, by mental health issues and self-destructive behaviour.

Picture Credit: Ben Sommers

The sound that Russell Joslin & High Black Water use to musick this cinematic and very real dystopia still contains traces of Joslin's earlier Folk songs. Yet, the sonic orientation has strongly moved towards electronic Wave and Post Punk sounds supported by organic and distorted instruments. The rough force of Electro Punk artists like Guerilla State clashes with the melancholic Synth and Indie Rock à la AI and deeply atmospheric and cinematic Post Punk sounds in the style of Soviet Soviet or early Human Tetris. Russell Joslin & High Black Water's 'Streetfight' is some intense and artistically serious mental cinema - a hymn for the streets.

Russell Joslin & High Black Water Online:

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