Mango Monday Mixtape #036

 First of all, and because it cannot be said often enough:

нет войны | ні війні | No War

How to help the people in Ukraine


 Mango Monday Mixtape #036

 Every Monday, I present a collection of 18 tracks that I find worth listening to. If the songs are available on Spotify, they will also be added to the MangoRotation playlist (MR) for 14 days. Yet, there will be no extra playlist.

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Tim Eveleigh - Manifesto
Acoustic Rock - Croydon, England

Half Shadow - Song for the Garden (MR)
Indie Folk / Folkgaze - Portland, OR, USA

Juggernaut - Darkness of Rejection (MR)
Beatdown / Metallic Hardcore - Kyiv, Ukraine

Violet Temple - Baba Yaga
Progressive Doom / Dark Metal - Italy

Green Desert Water - Too Many Wizards (MR)
Heavy Rock / Desert Rock - Oviedo, Spain

Non È Nulla - Io (MR)
Ambient / Cinematic Post Rock - Rome, Italy

The Weight - Explosion (MR)
Heavy Rock / Blues Rock - Vienna, Austria

Skyward - Casualty (MR)
Alternative Rock / Prog Rock - Charlottesville, VA, USA

Périsélène - Helio (MR)
Ambient Noise / Experimental Post Rock - Paris, France

NOOSED - We aim (MR)
Deathgrind / Death Metal

Blues so Bad - In the Night (MR)
Heavy Psych / Desert Country - Italy

MIND/KNOT - Minimalize (MR)
Hardcore Punk / Street Punk - Rome, Italy

waumiau - Kralall
Hardcore Punk - Düsseldorf, Germany

Hey Revolver - Disdain (MR)
Indie Punk - Winston Salem, NC, USA

Plastic Flamingos - How've you been (MR)
Pop Punk / Skate Punk - Durham, NC, USA

The Spits - Out of Time (MR)
Garage Rock / Punk Rock - Kalamazoo, MI, USA

Auraleak - Indigo (MR)
Modern Metal / Prog Metal - Budapest, Hungary

Spiral Skies - Into the Night (MR)
Occvlt Rock / Doom Rock - Stockholm, Sweden


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