Fresh Mango: april 20, 2022

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нет войны | ні війні | No War

How to help the poeple in Ukraine

 Fresh Mango

8 new releases that are worth checking out!
8 short reviews.
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Ceased Sunfire - Sleepless
(10:59, EP, Digital, selfrelease, 08/04/2022)
On three songs, the trio from Helsinki, Finland presents their heavy and  fuzzy sound. The debut EP "Sleepless" is a powerful display of Stoner Metal and Sludge with some severe impact from Southern Metal - especially on the second track 'Dead to me'. Ceased Sunfire's debut comes with broad shoulders, strong confidence, and an attitude that makes us hope for more releases in the near future.

Joseph Boys - Aggregat B (MR)
(07:14, Single, Digital, Flight 13 Records, 08/04/2022)
The two-track single "Aggregat B" is a teaser for the band's upcoming sophomore album "Reflektor". The longplayer will be out on August 05. The ex ante single by band from German city Düsseldorf features two songs on which they present their melancholic and reflected Punk Rock style. Without approaching the 1980s Depro Punk genre too much and loaning elements from Post Punk instead, Joseph Boys sarcastically deal with conspiracy theories and with stereotypes.

Aivolävistys - Oma illuusio (MR)
(23:50, Album, Cassette/CD/Digital, Secret Entertainment, 14/04/2022)
Aivolävistys (Finnish: Brain Piercing) from Jyväskylä, Finland have released their fifth album "Oma illuusio" ("Own Illusion" - Finnish readers feel free to correct me). On a dozen of tracks, the quintet soothes our mind and body with dynamic Hardcore Punk, Finnish style. Aivolävistys are not here to make prisoners or to slow down. Instead, "Oma illuusio" is gorgeous collection of ice-breaking moshpit hymns.

ΩЯRΑ - Unbounded (MR)
(48:02, Album, Digital, selfrelease, 14/04/2022)
The opening twelve-minute opus 'Prometheus Unbound Trilogy' on ΩЯRΑ's debut album "Unbounded" is a breathtaking masterpiece that goes from Pink Floydish Psychedelic Prog over to djenty Prog Metal à la Nevermore up to Symphonic Rock in the style of Mastord. ΩЯRΑ continue with their versatile and eclectic style as they create an atmospheric and cinematic soundscape. Thus, the band provides us a very refreshing approach towards Progressive Rock and Metal combined with exciting narratives.

DIMWIND / Breaths - Seasons (MR)
(30:34, Split EP, Cassette/CD/Digital, selfrelease, 15/04/2022)
Before getting into musical action on the A-Side of this Split, DIMWIND from Gothenburg, Sweden provide us with some harsh facts about the status quo of our planet. Hearing about the terrible status that climate has already brought Earth to and about what we can expect to happen if we do not take action right now, we are also introduced into their massive Post Metal hymn 'Window Passed' - a monumentous and ice cold storm made from atmospheric and harsh sounds.
On the B-Side, the soundscapes switches over to Blackgaze and Hardcore-influenced Post Metal. Breaths from Richmond, Virginia and their guest Chad Kapper continue the thoughts on the dark future ahead of us with an even more pessimist tone. The song 'When soft Voices die' makes the air freeze and burn simultaneously.

Faceless Entity - The Great Anguish of Rapture (MR)
(40:41, Album, Vinyl/Cassette/CD/Digital, Argento Records/The Throat, 15/04/2022)
After four Demos and their first longplayer "In Via ad Nusquam" (2017), Dutch Black Metal trio Faceless Entity have returned with their sophomore full-length release "The Great Anguish of Rapture". The trio undertakes an intense exploration of the realms of fears, phobias, the space between life and death, and the void. Their deeply atmospheric, raw, and melancholic Funeral Black Metal is not for the faint-hearted, but a journey worth taking when prepared.

Nonsun - Blood & Spirit (MR)
(54:35, Album, Vinyl/Digital, dunk!records, 15/04/2022)
Nonsun are a Drone Doom and Sludge Metal trio from Lviv in the Western part of Ukraine. While their second longplayer "Blood & Spirit" was released, the band's home town was under attack by the war criminal from the Kreml and his army. Thus, Nonsun ask for support for the people in Ukraine via this link or a collection of links gathered here.
Nevertheless, this shall be about music, and Nonsun's sophomore album contains almost one hour of atmospheric and heavy sounds. Their massive riffs built into ethereal structures make you imagine the sky is falling down onto the ground causing a gigantic earthquake. This monolithic production deals with the question whether 'That Which Does Not Kill' will really makes us stronger or if it will leave us behind as a broken shell.

Sheebaba - big bull (MR)
(02:52, Single, Digital, Katalog, 16/04/2022)
Celebrating the hot phase of the promotion for their upcoming EP "bruit" (French: "noise") to be expected on May 06, 2022, Sheebaba from German city Mainz enchant us with a dynamic single and a philosophic question. The song 'big bull' is about incorporating a potion which may be alcohol, GHB, something magical, or just water. As the consumption of the beverage changes the behaviour and even the traits of character of the one who drank, one question arises: have they become someone else or have they becomes themselves? Raise your mugs and glasses while embracing this question and enjoy the thrilling Noise-laden and energetic Post Punk and Darkwave provided by Sheebaba.


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