Album Review: Idiot Robot - Idiot Robot (2020)

Picture Credit: Idiot Robot

Idiot Robot - Idiot Robot
Release Date: September 04, 2020
Label: Dead Games Records
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 34:05
Genre: Death Pop
Origin: Tampa (Florida), USA

What exactly is Death Pop, one might ask. Well, American duo Idiot Robot are here to show us. Ryan Michalski and Clint Listing present an uncommon mix of styles on their self-titled debut CD. The foundation is built by light-footed Indie and Surf Rock à la Minutemen. Despite the sunny atmosphere of this base, Idiot Robot add the scratchy and harsh 80s East Coast Hardcore. So far you can imagine the Bad Brains getting super high and playing a late night gig at a surfers resort.

But there is more. A gorgeous feature of this nihilistic release is the interaction between Ryan's clean Synth Pop-style vocals and the rustling growls and grunts by Clint. This is pure insanity! Idiot Robot do what they want and that is what makes their music so exciting. Their Death Pop fools our musical perceptions over and over again. Indie Pop slides into Hardcore and surfs on to Death via Synthwave and beyond. This whole album is a huge beach party for the happily weird.

From now on, I'm a Death Pop fan thanks to Idiot Robot.

Idiot Robot Online:
YouTube (Ryan Michalski)

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