Album Review: Moura - Moura (2020)

Picture Credit: Moura
Photo: Leo López
Artwork: Hugo Santeiro

Moura - Moura
Release Date: April 01, 2020
Label: Spinda Records
Format: Vinyl / CD / Cassette / Digital
Length: 38:36
Genre: Psychedelic Folk / Progressive Folk
Origin: A Coruña, Spain

A Coruña (or La Coruña in Castellano) is the capital of the autonomous region of Galicia which is situated in the very Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. The town is home to Moura, a five-piece band which has released their first studio album via Spinda Records this year.
Moura and their selftitled debut are a good example to show that progressive and psychedelic music are free from boundaries. Here, it is the imposant mixture of 70s-style Prog and Psych Prog with Galician Folk tunes. The latter is a genre that was completely new to me, but as an outsider, I would say that Galician Folk shows some similarities to Celtic Folk.

Moura's album features a various representation of light-footed and harmonic Folk tunes. These melodic sounds are beautifully accompanied by Galician lyrics. My knowledge of this language is basically nothing, but I assume that songs like 'Da Interzona a Annexia' ('From Interzone to Annexation') narrate the history of the region Galicia, and its culture and people.
The rather modern instrumentization often acts in the background of this album. But every song on "Moura" contains elements in which the band lets heavy Psychedelic Prog influence the stunning soundscapes.

The atmosphere on Moura's debut is constantly giving me goosebumps. Dark but colourful are the images that the band paints with their Psych Folk. The mental cinema provided by those four songs reaches from thick swamps over green and unspoiled forests until the Northwest Iberian shore from where you can yearningly watch the endless waves hoping for a ship from Bretonia or Ireland.
The very coast this sound might narrate about, is the Costa Átrabra - or at least the album features guest musicians A Irmandade Ártabra (The Brotherhood of Ártabra).
This brotherhood consists of:
Brais Maceiras - accordeon,
Susana Pérez - carinet,
Pablo Reboiras - zanfona,
Antonio Prado - lata, tambourine and effects,
Miguel Vázquez - tambourine and percussions,
Pedro Villarino - bombo, tarrañolas and tin whistle,
Belém Tajes - aturuxos and vocals.

Picture Credit: Moura

Moura's debut is a beautiful psychedelic experience carried by Progressive Folk. The sound on this album is as mesmerizing as nature itself. Moura have vreated a beautiful combination of Galician Folk and hypnotizing and versatile rock music.
Moura are:
Luis Casanova - drums,
Pedro Alberte - bass,
Fernando Vilaboi - hammond and sythesizer,
Hugo Santeiro - electric guitar, twelve-stringed acoustic guitar and classic guitar,
Diego Veiga - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals.

Moura Online:


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