Discoveries of the Week: 09 December - 15 December 2020


Benedict - Finish the Wine
(Dream Pop / Shoegaze from Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Bloodtooth - Generation Spies
(Grunge from London, England)

Slut Magic - DayQuil
(Garage Rock / New Wave from Brooklyn (New York), USA)

Panem - A Line in the Sand
(Post Rock / Alternative Rock from Tours / Nantes, France)

Sinoptik - Black Soul Man
(Alternative Rock / Stoner Rock from Kiev, Ukraine)

Andrew Rothschild - Yorros
(Glitch / Folktronica from Denver (Colorado), USA)

Roxanne Kelly - Goodbye to you
(Soul / Rock from London, England)

Randy Harsey - Justify
(Indie Rock from Las Vegas (Nevada), USA)

Rae Radick - Keep 'em guessing
(Blues Rock / Country from New York (New York), USA)

Muca & La Marquise - October Blues
(Blues / Folk from London, England)

Free Galaxy - Look
(Alternative Rock / Punk Rock from Coventry, England)

Zadar - The Upstairs Room
(Post Punk from Furlong (Pennylvania), USA)


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