The Old Dream of Symmetry - Interdigitate (2020)

Picture Credit: The Old Dream of Symmetry
Artwork: Lia Boscu

The Old Dream of Symmetry - Interdigitate
Release Date: December 04, 2020
Label: Econore Records
Format: Cassette / Digital
Length: 36:07
Genre: Drone / Ambient
Origin: Berlin, Germany

The Old Dream of Symmetry is a duo from Berlin. And first of all, I must say that I love that name. The group consists of founding member Will Gresson and Felix-Florian Tödtloff who joined in 2018. The latter has frequently mixed and mastered music by Neo-Krautrock Duo Zement and contributed a remix to their tape "Klinker auf XLR".

The Old Dream of Symmetry's newest release is a 36-minute cassette tape available via Enocore Records. The soundcarrier is filled with meditative but experimental Drone and Ambient Sounds. "Interdigitate" is defined by atmospheric and deep soundscapes. As the duo also makes use of guitars, there is a certain Post Rock impact, too. You might take the song 'Hello Brother' as a great example for distorted Post Rock and Drone sound.

The sound presented on this tape is a multilayer mesh of interacting sounds. While the guitars mostly are the most obvious elements, it gets more and more interesting the deeper you dig with your hearing. Swirling synthesizers create whole landscapes of Drone and Ambient. Tension is built up and dissolved while the instrumental tracks form narratives of entropy and symmetry.

If you enjoy this deep and satisfying sound, I have two Bandcamp codes for you. Use them wisely here:

The Old Dream of Symmetry Online:


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