Album Review: Zorastead - Inner Rails (2021)

Picture Credit: Zorastead

 Zorastead - Inner Rails
Release Date: July 10, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 35:35
Genre: Alternative Rock
Origin: Gallarate, Italy

The story of how Italian band Zorastead were formed can be told in two different versions. The short form is "sometimes things just happen". Well, I guess we can all agree to that.
But here is the longer (and actually a lot more romantic) of Zorastead's origin: On a foggy winter evening in the 2019, a composer, a writer, and a singer met in a small town in Northern Italy. Within this triangular energy and maybe via the mysterious powers of the fog, it happened that these thre people formed a band - and Zorastead was born. By the end of the first quarter of 2021, the first single "True Words" was released by the Gallarate-based band. The ex ante release is featured on the album on hand as its final track.

Zorastead play a smooth and gentle version of Alternative Rock. And actually, it takes the listeners on a two-fold journey, leading through space and time.
Commencing with the temporal aspect, the Italian trio provides us with gloomy and soulful Alternative Rock music from an era when the term 'Alternative Rock' has not been en vogue that much. Just listen to the synths on 'Call me by Name' and you will immediately be reminded of the sound of 1980s Pop Rock.
And concerning the spatial aspect, Zorastead are clearly children of Italian Rock music. There is something very special in the production of the drums, in the resonances between rhythms and leads, and in the harmonies themselves that are idiosyncratic for Rock music from the South European country.

And there is more! Pictures, artwork, and outfits may remind of 80s (and post-80s) Gothic Rock, and the more popular versions of it especially. And actually, the atmospheres on "Inner Rails" are often influenced from that musical era when Gothic became Pop. For instance, the thrilling string sections in the stunning slo jam 'True Words' or the dark mood of 'Thorns for Breakfast' ideally show how 80s Rock, Italian Rock, and smooth Gothic can create an exciting Alternative Rock album.

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