News: Sentience Machine - Microscopic Enemy (2021)

Picture Credit: Emma Brown Photography

 Sentience Machine - Microscopic Enemy
Release Date: July 16, 2021
Length: 03:24
Genre: Alternative Rock
Origin: London, England

"Microscopic Enemy" is the second single by London's quintet Sentience Machine. As you might have assumed already, it is a song that deals with the current situation in which most of our lives are affected by COVID. Everyone's lives? Well, like every crisis, COVID knows winners and losers, too. Think of the Spanish flu that made a pharmacist very rich so he could build an economic empire from scratch, and so that his grandson could afford running a campaign for becoming president of the USA.
And no, this is not about conspiracies. This is not a song for the weirdos weiring tin foil hats or the arseholes who use anti-corona protests to spread their antisemite bullshit. This is simply about the winners and losers of the crisis. The winners are mainly oligarchs and neoliberal entrepreneurs who do not stop piling up money, although the pile is built on blood and bones. The losers are those who are not given a chance in our society anyways: the poor people, the marginalized groups, and especially those with mental health issues.

Sentience Machine provide us with a raging Hard Rock banger. The rolling riff has the potential to destroy dancefloors while the lead guitars adds powerful atmospheric psychedelia to the soundscape. Gloomy as 90s Alternative Rock and yet boppy as 2000s Indie Rock, Sentience Machine create a heavy Hard Rock hymn with an anthemic coda.

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