News: Molosser - Ray of Moonlight (2021)

Picture Credit: Varghem Visuals / Evil Ear

 Molosser - Ray of Moonlight
Release Date: July 05, 2021
Length: 05:05
Genre: Folk Rock
Origin: UråsaSweden

Let's be honest. Molosser's album "Appear" is a collection of hits and bangers. If you wanted to read my review of the full-length, click here. Hence, it is only comprehensible that the Swedish duo is releasing single after single from their first longplayer. The latest of these singles is the stunning track 'Ray of Moonlight' which apparently will be the second but last single release from "Appear" before 'Ellesmere Island' will get its own video later this year.

The song title 'Ray of Moonlight' is like onomatopeia to the music of the track. With their bitter-sweet and darkishly atmospheric sonic art, Molosser enchant their audience once more. Thus, 'Ray of Sunlight' feels like a silver stream of light breaking through thick clouds and reflecting on the cold surface of a North European lake. If you know Molosser, then you know what to do: press play, close your eyes, and let the magic happen.

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