Album Review: Flaming June - Hope in a Jar (2021)

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 Flaming June - Hope in a Jar
Release Date: November 05, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 34:22
Genre: Indie Folk / Folk Rock
Origin: Newmarket, England

Since Louise Eatock, also known as Flaming June from Newmarket near Cambridge had her first appearance on MangoWave in July, my anticipation for the release date of "Hope in a Jar" has grown steadily. And now it is here, the latest album by the English Folk, Rock, and Indie artist; a ten-song compilation of songs that connect traditional and contemporary music, old tales and reflections about nowadays' society. And thus, "Hope in a Jar" is an album that drips with love, desire, passion, reflection, and a wholesome perspective on past, present and future combined. If you have not heard any music by Flaming June, I recommend to also listen to previously released EP "The Firework's  Daughter" which features the stunning song 'The Women's Battalion' that remembers the brave suffragettes and their fight for equal consideration.

Flaming June presents a stunningly versatile soundscape on "Hope in a Jar". There are gentle and soothing sounds such as 'In the Dark there's Gold' or 'Fierce Lion Gentle Soul'. With the dynamic song 'Paralyze me where I stand', the artist has produced her most experimental song so far since it contains field recordings and synthetic elements. Also, "Hope in a Jar" contains Folk Rock of the heaviest kind that Flaming June has presented so far. Take the title track or the song 'The Event Horizon' for example and enjoy the massive and imposant sonic realization that Louise Eatock uses to combin Heavy Rock and Folk. And of course, there are the thrilling Folk tales such as 'Hope Valley' or 'The Ballad of Daniel Dawson'.

MangoWave Reviews have worked without a rating system successfully for more than two years. But if I had to rate Flaming June's "Hope in a Jar", it would be a solid 11 of 10. And here is why:
There is this heartwarming and passionate harmony that defines the whole album from beginning to end.
The various themes and the mood they are realized in create a holistic view on past, present, and future that tells us things have not always been perfect, and neither should we stop fighting for a better future now.
The way (Indie) Folk and (Heavy) Rock interact with each other, interchange and merge, makes up a whole new style. No matter how many references you may find, the sound of Flaming June is unique.
And finally, there are the vocals. Both music-wise as lyrical, Louise Eatock enchants her audience's ears on each of the ten tracks with a voice that is solid, strong, and fragile simultaneously.

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