EP Review: Lila Khasanlany - Uranus Fish (2021)

Picture Credit: Lila Khasanlany

 Lila Khasanlany - Uranus Fish
Release Date: September 17, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 15:50
Genre: Modern Metal / Prog Metal
Origin: Stavropol, Russia

The name Lila Khasanlany should mostly be acqauinted amongst sophisticates of the Russian and East European music scene. As a particpant of the show "New Star" and as the vocalist of the band ProgressiVe, Lila Khasanlany has played on plenty of Russian and European stages. In the year 2020, shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic, the artist from Stavropol had an epiphany. It was the birth of "Uranus Fish", her solo debut. It is an EP that concerns the matters of change and progress, the chaos inside everyone's mind, the need for order, and the transformation that everybody experiences during different phases of life.

"Uranus Fish" is both, a very personal release for the artist, and a theme that everybody can somehow relate to. And as versatile as the emotional content is, is the range of genres, styles, and influences that define the sound on "Uranus Fish". It begins with the Modern Metal banger 'Sun in the Box' which is followed by 'Infection' which provides us with harsh Alternative Metal and a powerful Punk Rock attitude. The third track 'Shadow Water' (my favourite, btw) is an atmospheric Prog Metal anthem with a certain Post Metal note. With 'I'm still having my heart', Lila Khasanlany proves that she is capable of producing honest pop music, too, and finally the title track is an opus that combines catchy sounds with symphonic elements and the power of Prog Metal.

With only five tracks and fifteen minutes, Lila Khasanlany's "Uranus Fish" is a colourful bouquet, a tasty box of candies, a release as various as life itself. Listen to the album from beginning to end and feel how the artist has woven in the themes of change and entropy into the course of the EP.

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