EP Review: 9 o'clock nasty - Cut (2021)

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 9 o'clock nasty - Cut
Release Date: October 08, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 06:55
Genre: Post Punk / Garage Rock
Origin: LeicesterEngland

Leicester's 9 o'clock nasty have proven to be a true mass producer of hits, bangers, and anthems. Click here for previously reviewed 9 o'clock releases on MangoWave, or check their Bandcamp account for their whole discography so far. The frequency by which the band from England shoots hit after hit, reminds of Norwegian Joy Division hommage Tåsen Tea Party. Music-wise, the two bands have hardly anything in common apart from the fact that both their styles kind of fit the gigantic and fuzzily defined genre of Post Punk.

"Cut" is the fifth EP by 9 o'clock nasty, and it also is the final EP before the first propber full-length album "Catch Nasty". Like its predecessors, "Cut" contains three tracks defined by various musical styles that can be summed up as some kind of Artistic Post Garage Punk Rock.
The opener 'Dead Planet' could easily become the soundtrack to an apocalyptic film or for your next FridaysForFuture protest action. A massively rolling guitar loop carries the message forward that our species is very good in destroying its environment and itself.
Then, 9 o'clock nasty invite us to a ride on the 'Gravy Train'. Is it Rockabilly, Punkabilly or Hillbilly? No matter what Billy conducts this vehicle, you can definetely feel the train's movement from the drums' rhythm and feel the heat from the musical motifs.
And finally, 'THX1138', an hommage to an eponymous film by George Lucas, closes this great EP. This time, 9 o'clock have presented their most cinematic release so far. And I cannot wait for the next release to be out.

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