EP Review: Femegades - Pornsick (2021)

Picture Credit: Femegades

 Femegades - Pornsick
Release Date: September 22, 2021
Label: Regent Street Records
Format: Digital
Length: 15:01
Genre: Grunge / Punk Rock
Origin: London, England

About a year ago, I handed in my bachelor thesis titled "#PunkToo: Sexism in the British Punk Rock Culture". The thesis was originally inspired by Lauren Tate, and it featured feminist Punk Rock acts such as Hands Off Gretel, Rabies Babies, Louise Distras, Nancy and the Dolls, or male allies like Those Fucking Snowflakes. If I was to publish another work on this topic, here is a band that should definitely be mentioned: here are the Femegades from London.

The debut EP "Pornsick" was originally released independently in late 2020. In September 2021,  a remixed and remastered version was published via Regent Street Records. The five-track EP deals with the porn industry and its mechanisms built on misogyny, degradation of female and non-male gender, objectification and sexualization of the female body, and the role these phenomena play in patriarch or kyriarch society. Furthermore, Femegades concern catcalling, masculine hegemony, and the odd fact that the meaning of the word "No" still seems to be hard to comprehend.

"Pornsick" is a fifteen-minute feminist manifesto musicked via dynamic Punk Rock and Grunge with melodic but angry vocals, a strong Garage Rock sound, and anthemic choruses. Femegades revive the sound of the 1990s Riot Grrrl sound and attitude. Moshpit-ready Punk Rock meets the outspoken atmosphere of Grunge, and each of the five tracks is a screaming call to stand up against sexism, homphobia, transphobia, and for solidarity against kyriarchy.
Here is to a new generation of Punk Rock! Femegades have the potential to be ambassadors of the #PunkToo movement alongside bands like Tarah Who?, 24/7 Diva Heaven, Riot Spears, Passionless Pointless, or LOBSTERBOMB.

Final note: If you are happy enough to be in or near London on December 17, 2021, be sure to attend Femegades' gig at Underbelly Hoxton.

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