Album Review: Tyler Kamen - Resolution Rose (2021)

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Tyler Kamen - Resolution Rose
Release Date: October 01, 2021
Label: Kamen Entertainment Group
Format: Digital
Length: 34:57
Genre: Prog Rock / Psychedelic Rock
Origin: New York, NY, USA

With "Resolution Rose", New York's Tyler Kamen has released his ninth album. But that is not all that is so special about this ten-track piece of passionate music. Furtermore, "Resolution Rose" is also the third full-length release by the New York-based multiinstrumentalist. And finally, it is the last album that Kamen has released in his twenties as the artist turned thirty one day after release. Is it too late for belated birthday wishes? May you release at least nine more albums!

Major source of inspiration for "Resolution Rose" was the birth of Tyler Kamen's niece. And thus, the album is filled with positivity, with passion for life, love, and nature, and with gratitude. Hence, "Resolution Rose" is very different to previous release "The Cassowary Manifesto", unless Tyler Kamen's typical handwriting can be spotted on each of the ten songs.
It is an album that is full of empowerment, full of hope and the determination to overcome obstacles and to make a change. Therefore, the soundscapes on "Resolution Rose" are the perfect soundtrack for starting over, for starting something new, and for looking into the mirror, smiling, and saying "Let's do this!". Between Folk, Psych, and Prog, Tyler Kamen has created a beautiful world that can be very close to our reality as long as we help it.

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