Album Review: BabyShoes - Everyone that could've been (2020)

Picture Credit: BabyShoes
Artwork: Bev Acton

BabyShoes - Everyone that could've been
Release: June 01, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 45:21
Origin: Bath, England

Welcome to the crazy world of Sam Cother. The producer has undertaken an intense exploration of his own personality. The outcome is a sort of bizarre yet very catchy and moving album containing seven tracks, named "Everyone that could've been".
All instruments were played by Cother who also took care of production, mix and master. Only on the tracks 'Greyhounds' and 'Kamikaze' assistance in production, recording and engineering was given by Darragh Binchy and Calum Wotherspoon.

BabyShoes' music may appear overwhelming on first encounter. But once you find into it, the music is not chaotic at all. It only takes a bit of deconstruction and a multilayer structure of harmonic, intense and cold but soulful sounds appears. Synthie-laden Post Punk- and Wave patterns float above the hollow drum beats. Guitars and bass interact with that musical scenery by adding crashing impacts of Noise, Garage Rock and Alternative Rock. On top there is Cother himself on the vocals. The singing too, is versatile and reaches from dark and reflected Alternative or Grunge motifs back to clean Brit Pop voices.

Most impressive on this album is the dynamic interaction of the musical layers with each other. Noises, glitches, riffs, themes, rhythms, and vocals smoothly slide from back- to foreground during the songs creating an astonishing motion. It appears as if certain parts of the diverse potential personalities BabyShoes presents, are getting weaker and stronger over the duration of the album.
"Everyone that could've been" is a beautiful piece of deconstructive, reconstructive music. Not always comfortable, but definitely soulful and noisy.

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