Album Review: ILS - Curse (2020)

Photo Credit: Tom Glose / ILS

ILS - Curse
Release: July 04, 2020
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Length: 28:53
Genre: Noise Rock / Disaster Chic Rock

Are you ready to get steamrolled? Well, you better are because here are ILS (pronounced "ilz") from Portland, Oregon. ILS play Disaster Chic Rock. "What's a Disaster Chic Rock?", you may ask. I would describe it as a nihilist version of Noise Rock with influence from Powerviolence, Hardcore Punk, Sludge, and some Math Rock.

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On ten tracks, none of them longer than three-and-a-half minutes ILS set exactly one pace: straight forward. Drummer Tim Steiners works create a chequered and brutal backbone between intense mosh passages and intelligent changes of metre. The massive soundscape above by Adam Pike (bass) and Nate Abner (guitar) varies between sonorous Sludge riffs, unexpected and shrieking Math Rock insertions, and brachial Noise and Hardcore Punk Rock attacks. As the Master of Ceremony, vocalist Tom Glose shouts, screams, narrate, and thus completes the beautifully violent soundscape. I am not sure whether the Black Metal-like screams are done by Tom as well or if one of the other three band members adds them.

Holy Satan, what a wrecking ball! ILS' "Curse" is an album for garden parties and tearing down huge walls. Hope to get a chance experiencing them on stage pretty soon. I can imagine being super exhausted and extremely happy afterwards.

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