Album Review: Journey into Darkness - Multitudes of Emptiness (2020)

Picure Credit: Journey into Darkness
Artwork: Johny Prayogi

Journey into Darkness - Multitudes of Emptiness
Release: July 28, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 28:00
Origin; Florida, USA

Back in the early 1990s Brett Clarin played the guitar with Death Metal band Sorrow. The band split up in 1993 but Clarin was still hungry for extreme music and thus founded his solo project Journey into Darkness. The first album "Life is a Near Death Experience" released in 1996 and featured gloomy, doom-influenced synth tracks. Since then Journey into Darkness covered themselves in silence until in 2018 Brett Clarin rediscovered his urge for Metal. Hence, Journey into Darkness got revived, and this time guitars and vocals were added to the project.

The new album features doomy Synth Wave interludes and imposant Symphonic Black Metal songs. Together they make the perfect soundtrack for the apocalypse. While the synthie tracksbuild up tension like an approaching thundersturm, the Black Metal songs burst down like when lightning strikes. The title track finally feels like the impressive aftermath of doomsday when we can only watch the world burning or drowning - or just being drawn into the void.
Picture Credit: Journey into Darkness
Artwork: Christophe Szpajdel

"Multitudes of Emptiness" is an album for close listening. Otherwise, many of the musical details might get lost. The new work by Journey into Darkness is definitely more than just a Black Metal release. With the symphonic arrangements "Multitudes of Emptiness" contains an artistic merit. Mostly, the impression of watching an apocalyptic film is raised in me when listening to the album.

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