EP Review: At Sacrament - A New Dawn (2020)

Picture Credit: At Sacrament

At Sacrament - A New Dawn
Release: July 16, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 19:38

At Sacrament were formed in early 2020 by Nicolás Peralta (guitar), Renato Zandonai (drums), Alexis Martínez (vocals), Fabián Giménez (guitar) and Wilson Paniagua (bass) in Paraguay's second biggest citiy Ciudad del Este. At Sacrament are hungry - hungry for Metal, hungry for change and hungry for a new dawn. And I am really excited about the first band from Paraguay featured on my page so far.

The band's debut EP "A New Dawn" is opened by a cinematic intro that fits the cover artwork perfectly. Let the new dawn commence, I say!
The four tracks are coined by raw and savage 80s style Thrash and Death Metal. The third track 'Mental Overload' also features a Black Metal-like motif.

At Sacrament create immensely heavy soundscapes. Like a Thrash Metal war machine they shoot their brutally thrashing riffs. The pace remind of a gatlin gun and is partially interrupted by half-time breaks that stomp over the burning rubble and fields of hot ashes the band has left behind. Hell yes, this hunger for a new dawn I expected!
Picture Credit: At Sacrament

No unneccessary gimmicks, no compromise, no prisoners. This is the soundtrack to raise skyscrapers to. "A New Dawn" is the wrecking ball we need before rebuilding a better world. The EP reminds me of one of my favourite Thrash Metal bands Exodus a lot. Also, Alexis' vocals show similarity to Death's Chuck Schuldiner. Bay Area Death and Thrash Metal fans should really follow this band. I have the feeling that there is more heavily wrecking music to expected by them.

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