Album Review: Constraint - Tides of Entropy (2020)

Picture Credit: Constraint

Constraint - Tides of Entropy
Release: March 23, 2020
Format: CD/Digital
Length: 41:26
Origin: Modena, Italy

Modenese band Constraint was founded in 2011. After mostly playing cover versions of Symphonic Metal songs, the North Italian band has released their debut album "Enlightened by Darkness" in 2016. Since then, two more singles appeared, both of them teased the album "Tides of Entropy" which can now be streamed or purchased on CD.

So, let me introduce you to Constraint.The sextett presents themselves with Progressive and Symphonic Metal that is closely linked to Classical, Baroque and Celtic music. Thus, on the one hand  there are drummer Alessandro Lodesani, bass player Gabriele Masini and guitar player Matteo Bonfatti who create powerful and versatile soundscapes of tough Prog Metal. Their counterparts are keyboarder Enrico Bulgari and violonist Davide Borghi on the other hand. The gorgeous harmonies and the imposant atmosphere of their lovefully nestles around the metallic structures. And just listen to Borghis violin floating above the high waves of Prog Metal while Bulgaris keyboard is pushing and supporting him.

Vocalist Beatrice Bini (E.G.O.) reigns both those spheres. Her smooth butt intense (mezzo-)soprano empowers both, the Metal and the Classical part of "Tides of Entropy". Without drawing the attention away from the instruments, her voice attracts the main focus. From suppressed or whispered spken word (as in 'Broken Threads') over to Heavy Metal passages (as in 'Leben is Streben') up until arya-like soli, Bini outclasses vocalists from Italy to Ireland, and from opera houses to Heavy Metal festivals.
Picture Credit: Constraint

"Tides of Entropy" is imposant, impressive and rousing. Neither does the Symphonic Element overpower the Metal, nor does the music lack versatility or progressive input. Constrant have released a Symphonic and Progressive Metal album that has plenty of punch and definitely deserves to carry each lexem of the term Progressive Symphonic Metal.

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