EP Review: Unveiling the Skies - IV (2020)

Picture Credit: Unveiling the Skies

Unveiling the Skies - IV
Release: June 04, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 22:10
Origin: Munich, Germany

Unveiling the Skies are a bunch of chameleons. Formed in 2010, none of the band's outputs sounds like the other. Might be tough for some die-hard fans, but that screams progress. And I love progress.
The newest release by Unveiling the Skies is simply called "IV", a six-track EP combining heavy riffs, harsh breaks, thrilling melodic bridges, and versatile song structures.

The style on "IV" can be described as Melodic Metalcore that is influenced by Progressive Metal.Heavy, moshpit-ready passages are decorated with melodic leads and emerge into harmonic bridges and imposant choruses. The vocals are partially screamed and shouted, and partially sung with clean voices. If you think of Fear Facory by that description, you are correct. I am also reminded of the legendary band in many parts of "IV". But there is that strong Prog impact too which could be compared to Godsticks.

To sum up, Unveiling the Skies have produced a very strong EP. "IV" is heavy and intense, but soulful and emotional at the same time (without being Emocore). This is music for the moshpit on big outdoor stages. Progressive Metalcore for the festival summer!

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