Mini EP Review: Sentre - Sentre (2020)

Picture Credit: Sentre

Sentre - Sentre (Mini-EP)
Release: March 28, 2020
Format: CD/Digital
Length: 20:29

The Belgian music scene fascinates me again and again. And I really cannot tell you why I have never visited this country, yet. The West Flandres town Roeselare is the home of the four musicians Kristof Taveirne (bass), Jonas Delbecke (drums), Dries van Belle (guitar, backing vocals) and Nick Lamote (vocals). Together they are Sentre.

After digitally releasing several singles, Sentre now decided to collect their first four songs on a Mini-EP which they autonomously sell on CD or as a digital copy. And of course, you can stream them. All important links are to be found at the end of the article.
The music these four Flandres play is extraordinary and defintely worth listening to. In a unique way Sentre make harshly punching Metalcore breaks slide into melodic Alternative and Modern Metal. In between this loud organized madness unforeseen Black and Death Metal attacks rush trough the scales.

Now, I have to confess, I am having some issues getting into this very special approach towards Modern Metal and Metalcore. But I can assure you, Sentre create a permanent impression with their music. Unique, loud, sometimes stomping, and sophisticated. Also, I can imagine a Sentre gig to be amazing and breathtaking.

Sentre Online:


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