Album Review: Evilcult - At the darkest Night (2020)

Photo Credit: Lucas "From Hell"

Evilcult - At the darkest Night
Release: June 26, 2020
Format: CD/Digital
Length: 39:13

Sweet child of Satan! This is already the tenth appearance of Awakening Records on my page.
Today, we're listening to the first longplayer by Evilcult from Bento Gonçalves, in the South of Brazil. The band was founded in 2016 and has so far released an EP and some singles. Members are Mateus "Blasphemer" (drums) and Lucas "From Hell" (bass, guitars, vocals).

The music on Evilcult's "At the darkest Night" is a merciless brawl of rough Thrash Metal with plenty of Black Betal impact and a certain influence by Speed Metal. It is ultrafast, absolutely brutal, icecold, blasphemous, and pitch-dark. Or in less words: a fantastic Metal album.
While Mateus is drumming, thrashing and clubbing like a berserker in a clockwork, Lucas is creating tremendous musical images of frost, brachiality and blasphemy. There are two things that are outstanding for Evilcult compared to other arists in their genre:
1) unlike many Metal duos Evilcult present a very sonorous sound. Bands such as Darkthrone or Satyricon often neglect the bass which makes their sound very thin.
2) Lucas adds high-pitched Heavy/Speed Metal shouts at the end of many lines or verses. And for some reason it does not sound pathetic at all. I even like it!

First time diving into the album, I was like "hmmm, I wish I could understand the lyrics at least a bit".
Five minutes later, I was like "Fvck it! Trve Cvlt Satanic Thrash Metal, yaaaaaay!"
But seriously, the lack of comprehension for the lyrics does not even bother me.
This is the kind of music I want to listen to at parties. I mean, I am writing this text at 9 in the morning and already feel like immediately having a keg of beer.

Evilcult Online:


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