Discoveries of the Week: 16 July - 22 July 2020

VII-PII - Virus Potus
(Alternative/Indie from Paris, France, 2020/05/29)

Found Instruments - Cause and Effect
(Indie/Shoegaze from Walton-on-Thames, England, 2020/05/29)

Anthony James - Holiday
(Indie Rock/Pop from London, England, 2020/05/29)

Maps and Foils - Les anathèmes
(Post-Hardcore from Paris, France, 2020/05/18)

Askies  - Easy
(Indie Rock/Alternative from Leeds, England, 2020/06/20)

Kid Violet - Release
(New Wave/Indie Rock from London, England, 2020/05/22)

Happy Ghosts - Voices from the Net
(Alternative Pop/Dream Pop from Adelaide, Australia, 2020/05/11)

(Indie Rock/Pop from Newcastle upon Tyne, England, 2020/06/30)

Lone Deer Laredo - High Noon
(Americana/Folk from Helsinki, Finland, 2020/05/22)

Voodoo Bandits - Yesterday's Jam
(Indie/Surf from Douglas, Isle of Man, 2020/06/05)

Pearl's Cab Ride - Change
(Funk/Soul from Kingston upon Hull,England, 2020/06/01)

Holy Roller Baby - Leper Blues
(Blues Rock from Dallas, Texas, USA, 2020/03/27)

Nivid - Mernä
(Noise/Industrial from Gurugram,India, 2019/11/15)

(Post Rock/Ambient from Tokyo, Japan, 2014/10/24)

White Canyon & the 5th Dimension - Love Witch
(Garage Rock/Psychedelic Rock from Minas Gerais, Brazil, 2019/10/09)


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