Single Review: Deafcon - Nicci (2020)

Photo Credit: Deafcon

Deafcon - Nicci
Release: May 31, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 03:30
Origin: Avelgem, Belgium

Allegedly, the titel "Nicci" refers to a novel called 'Hidden Smile'. My research finding that work lacked success. Instead, I found 'Secret Smile' by Nicci French. Anyways, "Nicci" is the latest single by Belgian Rock'n'Roll Trio Deafcon. The song introduces us to Nicci. Whether the protagonist is sick or not, she definitely is badass.
Photo Credit: Deafcon

While listening, you might have realized that Deafcon's music sounds very familiar. Francis on the drums, Benny on the guitar and Hugelie on vocals and bass openly worship Motörhead. And that is pretty much the gist of it. Deafcon keep Lemmy's Rock'n'Rol alive.
The music is pretty cool, kicks butt and rolls heavily.

Deafcon Online:


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