EP Review: Compadre - Pipe Dreams (2020)

Picture Credit: Compadre

Compadre - Pipe Dreams
Release: July 03, 2020
Format: Vinyl/Digital
Length: 20:18

Fuzz, sunshine and desert sand. Those are the three first associations I receive from listening to Compadre's EP "Pipe Dreams". The trio from Nuremberg plays music for sunburnt travellers and hopeful dreamers - a fuzz-laden combination of Blues Rock and Americana.

On four tacks Compadre create an immense heat. Roy, Sassan and Steve build up a heavy momentum in mid- and upper tempo. Distorted Blues- and Folk motifs crack onward as the three Compadres steadily move on.
With their fastest track 'Green Screen Sex Scene' the band has created a song for lovers of Desert Rock while 'Adore me' and 'Sing it back' rather aim towards Anti Folk. 'Never waited', the final song, has a stronger impact by Alternative Rock.
Each song creates a great and burning hot atmosphere. Inner coherence is lacking a bit, but that is no big deal on this EP. "Pipe Dreams" should be in your playlist for driving and travelling. You will not regret it.

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