Single Review: Witch in Hawaii - Compulsive Order (2020)

Picture Credit: Elisa Habib (TKNR) / Witch in Hawaii

Witch in Hawaii - Compulsive Order
Release: July 12, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 03:20
Origin: Grenoble, France

Only half a year after the release of their first album "Wrong Place" Grenoble's Alternative Blues Rockers Witch in Hawaii strike again. The new single "Compulsive Order" is an aperitif for their new album which may come up in late 2020.

Those who knew Witch in Hawaii before, will have encountered that the new single is completely instrumental, unlike their debut album. Also, the sound has become a bit more scratchy and crunchy which I enjoy a lot. "Compulsive Order" features a heavily fuzzy impact that makes their Heavy Blues Rock very Kraut-y.
It is amamzing to follow how Witch in Hawaii build up the momentum which they interrupt from time to time, but still steadily accelerate. This movement makes the song appear like a joyride or a rollercoaster. To some extend "Compulsive Order" reminds me of the works by Uruguayan band El Tembleque del Barba.
I'm definitely hyped for the next album!

Witch in Hawaii Online:


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