Single Review: October Changes - Decay of Sleeping Beauty (2020)

Photo Credit: October Changes

October Changes - Decay of Sleeping Beauty
Release: April 24, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 04:58

October Changes from Flanders town Heist-op-den-Berg (30km Southeast of Antwerp) have gone through some major changes in their line-up. As the quintet is complete again, October Changes are: Bert (guitar), Wesley (drums, electronics), Sven (bass), Luk (guitar), and Wendy (vocals). In this line-up they have released their newest single "Decay of Sleeping Beauty" - a very dark version of the famous fairytale.

October Changes present a warm but dark mix of Gothic Rock and Symphonic Metal. Central feature is Wendys voice that could also easily be found in the aria of a classic opera. Thr further soundscape uses elements of Symphonic Metal and combines them with melodic Gothic Rock. The outcome is a bitter sweet fairytale.
If you enjoyed the melodic wave of Gothic Rock of the millenium era, you will definitely have a great time with this single. For my personal taste, the song could use a bit more of a punch, but nevertheless it is catchy and pleasant.

October Changes Online:


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