EP Review: Yevabog - King of the Worms (2020)

Picture Credit: Yevabog

Yevabog - King of the Worms
Release: July 01, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 14:14

Joel Hackett has spent quite some time playing in several bands. Once he decided to create a project in which he could completely and freely express himself and his musical ideas. That's how Yevabog was born. In late 2019 Hackett began writing, composing, recording, mixing and mastering. The outcome of this work is a four-track EP, Yevabog's debut "King of the Worms".

The music of Yevabog is set somewhere between the areas of Black and Death Metal. Blood-sodden drum beats mercilessly go their way while bass, guitars and synths create imposant pictures of darkness and cold. The lead guitar adds beautiful Black Metal-like staccati which emphasize the frozen atmosphere of the hoarse vocals. A feature I enjoy a lot are the choral-like voices in the background creating a feeling of the Last Judgement being near.

"King of the Worms" easily fits into a playlist with Belphegor's "Pestapokalypse VI", Behemoth's "Thelema.6" and Darkthrone's "Soulside Journey". If you enjoyed the recently reviewed Requiem's Sathana, Yevabog will make you happy, too.
"King of the Worms" is ice-cold, apocalyptic and beautifully brachial.

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