Single Review: The SchytëHawkës - Centipedes (2020)

Picture Credit: The SchytëHawkës

The SchytëHawkës - Centipedes
Release: July 13, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 03:15

So what is it The SchytëHawkës are doing? Good question, indeed!
As I started reviewing the new single "Centipedes", I also listened to their 2019 EP "Neck of the Woods" to get a better feeling of the music. I would describe it as a savage and spicy salad bowl containing Grime, Hardcore Punk, Hip Hop, a bit of Thrash Metal and a wild hail storm of high kicks. This is Rapcore for the moshpit!

Halftime through the track the band gives us some seconds to breathe while the break leads into the next attack. What a powerload! I mean, listen to that popping bass as the tide rises, follow those neckbreacking riffs, and you will not be able to stand still. I love it!

The SchytëHawkës Online:


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