Album Review: Requiem's Sathana - Requiem's Sathana (2020)

Photo Credit: Requiem's Sathana

Requiem's Sathana - Requiem's Sathana
Release: April 10, 2020
Labe: Cianeto
Format: CD/Digital
Length: 40:25

Requiem's Sathana were founded in 2017 and mostly consists of members from Bloodwork and Dyingbreed. The band's approach is to create musicked hailstorms of ice cold needles. Merciless and elemental Blackened Death Metal fires towards the eardrums as the seltfitled debut commences. But Requiem's Sathana have a lot more potential than just hacking down dark legions with ultra speed. After the devastating orcan of the first track 'Legion' Requiem's Sathana add plenty of Prog elements to their ice cold and brachial music.
Photo Credit: Requiem's Sathana

Requiem's Sathana play massively intense Black and Death Metal without sounding hackneyed. That is not only due to the influence of Prog Metal and Doom Metal (especially in 'Now it's War'). Riffing and structure of the songs are inventive and yet catchy.
On their debut album they combine the pure brutality of Belphegor with the chequered sounds of Ewigkeit. The opener 'Legion' reminded me of Belphegor's 'Justine: Soaked in Blood' a bit. Later tracks show several parallels to the Progressive Black Metal by Brighton's Ewigkeit.
Speaking of German names, the title 'Mordgier' (German: lust for murder) had me chuckle a bit. The word makes sense and you will find it in several encyclopedia, but honestly, I have never heard it before although German is my first language.
Photo Credit: Requiem's Sathana

What is there left to say?
Within forty minutes Requiem's Sathana cause a lot of destruction. The music on their selftitled debut is ice cold, pitch black, gory red, and yet imaginitive and versatile. The album is lacking coherence a bit, but apart form that, this is hell of a powerload.

Requiem's Sathana Online:
Bandcamp (Cioneta)


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