Album Review: TerraDown - Judgement (2020)

Picture Credit: TerraDown
Artwork: Mustapha Design Dz

TerraDown - Judgement
Release: May 08, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 50:06

TerraDown are a five-person band from Noord-Brabant in the South of the Netherlands. Since their formation in 2016 the group has dedicated themselves to Groove and Melodic Death Metal. And apparently, they had some success with that, as they won both the Dutch Metal Battle and the Dutch Wacken Battle in 2019. TerraDown's debut "Judgement" was released in May 2020.

The introductory longtrack 'Statement' immediately makes me frown. The grooves kick in very stompy and hectical. With the chorus and its bridge, it kind of sounds like a mixture of In Flames and Amon Amarth - two of the most pathetic Metal bands of all time, as I think. An album starting with a skip-track makes it hard for me to stay objective.
Fortunately, it is getting better.

With 'Volition' TerraDown recuperate a bit, and the following 'Break your Chains' adds some new styles to it. The latter is defined by some Clawfinger- or Dog Eat Dog-like Crossover and Rapcore above brachial grooves. The first climax on "Judgement" is the coda in the track 'Memories'. Here, TerraDown really start to convince me a little.
And wait until you listen to 'Overlord' - definitely the strongest song on the album. If you prefer the Heavy Metal feeling, the following 'Reburied' will pleasure you (the chorus sounds veeeery much like 'Master of Puppets').
Photo Credit: TerraDown

You might derive from the mention of multiple genres above, what the general issue is with "Judgement". It appears to me that TerraDown have not yet defined their style. Several songs, such as 'Overlord', 'Memories' or 'Into the Devil's Lair' are really not bad. It just hardly feels like listening to the same band. I can imagine, TerraDown are still undergoing the process of finding themselves musically, and thus, I don't want to criticize that they are still subject to variations between Melodic Death, Groove, Heavy Metal, Crossover, Metalcore and more.
Summing up, TerraDown are a band who I will enjoy to watch growing. I can imagine that a future output containing more consolidation might become a wrecking ball.

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