Discoveries of the Week: 23 July - 29 July 2020

Martini Police - Nightclub
(Indie Rock/Brit Pop from Stamford, England) 

The Harriets - Café Disco
(Indie/Alternative from Leeds, England) 

Jaclyn - Alive 
(Indie Rock/Blues from New York City, USA) 

Hybrid Kid - Close Up
(Indie Rock from Brighton, England)

Meggie Brown - Journey of Goodbye 
(Alternative/Indie Pop from London, England) 

The Rezner - The Jive 
(Indie/Garage Rock from London, England) 

Tales of Dhvaras - Let the Snake devour
(Heavy Metal/Punk Metal from Oslo, Norway) 

Bob Varo - Your last Breath
(Hard Rock from Ghent, Belgium) 

Thomas V Jäger - The Drone (Oh Yeah)
(Folk Rock from Gothenburg, Sweden)

Ephilexia - Blue Koala
(Post Rock/Prog Rock from Veszprém, Hungary)

The Mighty Orchid King - Swirling
(Psychedelic Rock/Garage Rock from Saint Albans, England)

Wax Machine - Time Machine
(Folk Rock from Brighton, England)

Laura Stevenson - Caretaker
(Americana/Folk Pop New York, USA)

(Alternative Rock from Champaign (Illinois), USA)

(Alternative/Ambient from New York, USA)


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