Album Review: Universe in my Yard - Holographic Sight (2020)

Picture Credit: Universe in my Yard
Artwork: VHummel

Universe in my Yard - Holographic Sight
Release: July 23, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 34:22
Origin: Bologna, Italy

I must confess, I was a little prepossessed before starting to write this review. Main reason is that I may not be the biggest fan of Deathcore. Anyways, I wanted to give the genre another chance and I absolutely wanted to give the Bolognese band Universe in my Yard a chance. And I am telling you this: I regret neither!
Universe in my Yard were founded back in 2011 and have so far released a three-track demo (2011) and the EP "Cold Souls" (2016). The selfreleased "Holographic Sight" is the band's first full-length output containing eight new songs. Interesting side note is, they also released an instrumental version of the album.

To my pleasure this is way more than just a Deathcore album. Tommaso Profumo (bass, backing vocals), Raffaele Sansone (guitar), Mattia "Natuz" Toschi (guitar), and Nicolò Alfei (vocals) play a chequered and intelligent but brachial mix of styles. Now, the line-up might make you wonder why there is no drummer. Well, Tommaso and Raffaele programmed both drums and synthesizers for the album.
Now, like I said the music on "Holographic Sight" is highly versatile. Universe in my Yard merge Deathcore and Progressive Death Metal with Metalcore, Djent, and even some Jazz can be spotted. The tracks 'Twelve Years Delay' and 'Imagine your Life as a Palindrome' (see video above) features an awesome loungy intermission.

Shifted rhythms and unexpected breaks make a lot of the musical foundation Universe in my Yard build their tracks on. Riffing and motifs too, joyfully and brutally surprise the hearing by their locations. Nevertheless, despite the strong impact from Progressive Metal and Djent on the songwriting, "Holographic Sight" does neither lack dynamics nor intensity. It is amazing how the shifted beats and riffs thrash forward while lead guitars and synthesizers create gorgeous atmospheres and vocalist Nicolò spreads pure destruction with his guttural growls that emerge directly from the core of the Earth.
Picture Credit: Universe in my Yard

"Holographic Sight" is an intelligent piece of brutal art. Universe in my Yard manage to combine sophisticated and progressive songwriting with brachial and angry music. I am somewhat reminded of Australian Mathcore band Totally Unicorn and Utah's Earthbender when listening to the album. But that shall not understate the uniqueness of "Holographic Sight.
And seriously, 'Twelve Years Delay' is such an awesome song full of beautiful WTF-moments. My personal favourite on this exceptionally good album.

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