Album Review: Brotthogg - The Die is Cast (2020)

Picture Credit: Brotthogg

Brotthogg - The Die is Cast
Release: August 01, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 37:03
Origin: Trondheim, Norway

Not too long ago, Brotthogg had their first appearance on this site. Today, we can listen to the second full-length release by multi-instrumentalist Kristian Larsen Moen and his band Brotthogg. Moen is responsible for all the songwriting, the lyrics, and all instruments, except for guitar soli (Stephen Carlson) and vocals (Craig Furunes and Jonas Moen).
The sophomore album features seven new songs with titles in Latin, English and Norwegian. And I will forestall, a significant development is hearable, compared to "Echoes of the Past".

While the first album was defined by melodic Black, Thrash and Death Metal, the latter is hardly present on "The Die is Cast". Instead, Brotthogg have implemented the element of Progressive Metal on their new release more. Tempo-wise, the album commences with high pace and gathers even more speed with every track. I would avoid to talk about the speed of light here, as the atmosphere is pitch black - but "The Die is Cast" strikes like lightning.

Picture Credit: Brotthogg

The musical landscape is defined by freezing cold layers of Black Metal with melodic and beautifully disharmonic leads. Thrashing and hacking breaks interrupt the windy atmosphere and the element of Prog constantly covibrates within this gloomy overall picture. From time to time Progressive motifs raise up and define coin the major soundscape like for example in the second half of the opener 'Nokturne'.
In the review on "Echoes of the Past" I drew comparisons to Dissection and Emperor, and I dare to say they still make sense. But even more, "The Die is Cast" sounds like Brotthogg. With the sophomore album Kristian Larsen Moen and his company have not only outscored its predecessor. They have produced an autochthononous release that tells me, Brotthogg are here to stay!

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