Album Review: Molosser - Appear (2021)

Picture Credit: Molosser

 Molosser - Appear
Release Date: May 11, 2021
Label: Evil Ear
Format: Digital
Length: 48:13
Genre: Folk Rock
Origin: UråsaSweden

Contemporarily, Central and Northern Europe are going through their annual heat wave, called Summer. Luckily, here is something to cool down our minds and bodies: "Appear", the debut album by Swedish Folk Rock duo Molosser. If the name rings a bell, that might be because two of the album's ex ante singles were presented on this site: "Unsolid" and "Solid Gold".

On their nine-track debut, Jahn (acoustic guitar) and Tess (acoustic guitar, vocals, drums) let us dive into the gorgeous and countryside of their rural home in Uråsa - a community of around 20 people, and hence so small, the only Wikipedia articles about it are written in Swedish and Estonian.

The signature features of the music by Molosser are the downtuned guitars, the jazzy percussions, the dark harmony of the folky riffs, and the gloomy atmosphere created by vocals and guitars. The whole album "Appear" sounds like a sonic somnambulism through unspoiled nature of the Skandinavian spheres. Molosser musick the impressive and everlasting forces of nature, and thus invite us to a musical reverie through silent forests, alongside lakes with water so cold, and under the fullest moon you can imagine.

"Appear" is as melancholic as thrilling as gorgeous. Molosser create mesmerizing soundscapes comparable to a minimalist and acoustic version to the works of Lykantropi or Nephila. But in general, it makes more sense to draw parallels to the forces of nature and the overwhelming beauty of a countryside unspoiled by human impact when talking about this wholesome work.

Molosser's debut album is as refreshing a nocturnal swim in a lake after a long day in the sun, as gloomy as a thick rain cloud darkening the sky at dusk, and as harmonic as nature herself.

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Molosser Online:
Homepage (Evil Ear)


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