Album Review: 24/7 Diva Heaven - Stress (2021)

Picture Credit: 24/7 Diva Heaven

24/7 Diva Heaven - Stress
Release Date: March 19, 2021
Label: Noisolution
Format: Vinyl / CD / Digital
Length: 39:02
Genre: Grunge / Stoner Punk
Origin: Berlin, Germany

Karo, Kat, and Mary are 24/7 Diva Heaven from Berlin and they have produced one of my most eagerly-awaited albums of this year. Here is "Stress", the trio's first full-length release, available on pink vinyl via Berlin-Kreuzberg's sympathetic label Noisolution.

"Strees" is defined by powerful and sonorous riffs rolling forward with heavy weight. The intense use of fuzz creates a massive smoked-out atmosphere outshining Fu Manchu or Hermano. Further, the strong velocity is immediately activating all body parts, making it impossible to sit or stand still when 24/7 Diva Heaven play their songs. And not only is the colourful sound crunchy and grungy as hell, the trio knows how to let mid-tempo stoned tunes slide into full-throttle kick-ass Punk Rock.

24/7 Diva Heaven take clear position. Homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, xenophobia, racism, or antisemitism will not be tolerated. Instead, a feminist, planet-saving, inclusive future with justice and equality are on the agenda. Are we finally experiencing the rise of Riot Grrrl in Germany? I dare to hope so, and 24/7 might be one of their figureheads.
What a blast! What an amazing release! Candidate for album of the year? Absolutely! "Stress" is inviting the audience to turn up the volume and become active.

24/7 Diva Heaven Online:


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