Album Review: Ignited - Steelbound (2019)

Picture Credit: Ignited

Ignited - Steelbound
Release Date: November 01, 2019
Label: Voice Music
Format: Digital
Length: 39:29
Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Origin: Balneário Camboriú, Brazil

"Steelbound" was recorded in 2019, two years after South East Brazilian band Ignited were formed. The quartet delivers ten hot tracks of powerful Heavy Metal with classic themes. A strong feature on this album is the massive sound that comes out of the speakers like a wall.The metal played by Ignited s broad, sonorous and heavy.

Another striking feature are the vocals which change between melodic deeper chanting and extremely high falsettos. The latter is Heavy Metal as hell! The gang shouts that accompany the vocals from time to time add to the energy of the music on "Steelbound".
Somehow it appears, as if the band got stuck in mid-tempo. The variety in speed unfortunately is very low and hence Ignited hardly break out of their sedatively stomping Hard Rock tempo. Thus, despite them playing Power Metal and Heavy Metal, it often appears to be close to AOR or Classic Rock.
If the band played their melodic and massive sounds a bit faster and added some variety, Ignited would sound awesome.

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