Album Review: Lords of the Opium Church - Lords of the Opium Church (2021)

Picture Credit: Lords of the Opium Church

Lords of the Opium Church - Lords of the Opium Church
Release Date: February 18, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 27:50
Genre: Heavy Rock / Stoner Rock
Origin: Edmonton (Alberta), Canada

Terry Paholek (bass and vocals), Rob Lawless (drums) and Jordo LeMoine (guitar and vocals) are the Lords of the Opium Church. With that name you can easily run a drug cartel, a Drone Doom band or an international trading community. As far as I know, the trio from Alberta does neither of the three. What I do know is that Terry, Rob and Jordo have recently released their self-titled debut album.

What the band has recorded here is some fast-forward Heavy Stoner Rock. It could be due to the latitude that the music by Lords of the Opium Church shows certain similarities to Swedish Stoner Rock à la Greenleaf or Spiritual Beggars. Nevertheless, the Canadian trio presents a colourful mix of styles that are enveloped in their heavily stoned sound. Warm Blues leads accompany fuzzy Doom riffs, and the kick-ass Rock'n'Roll sound adds to the high velocity of the eight tracks. And in the song 'Left Behind' the Lords of the Opium Church pay tribute to 80s Punk Rock and Heavy Metal.

This is a powerful debut containing eight full-throttle Stoner tracks. Pot smokers would probably drescribe this album as a strong sativa.

Lords of the Opium Church Online:


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