MangoSpecial: Fuzzy Cracklins / The Swamp Records


Time for another MangoSpecial!
This time, we're honouring the great work by Oakland's fantastic promo group and label Fuzzy Cracklins / The Swamp Records. If you're keen on discovering heavy music from the swampy underground, you will love the output by Fuzzy Cracklins and The Swamp Records.
Let's have a look on five of the most recent releases by The Swamp!

1. Swamp Thief - I (October 17, 2020 - Heavy Rock / Stoner Rock from Swansea, Wales)
The Welsh duo creates a heavily rolling mix of oozy Desert and Heavy Rock. This is not your typical sedative Stoner Rock, this is doomed and stoned sound for overtaking lane. A full review of tis album was published last November and can be read here.

2. Electric Cult - The First Rite (January 29, 2021 - Stoner Doom / Sludge from Heroica Veracruz, Mexico)
What a hammering powerload of smoked out Doom and Sludge! Electric Cult are the Rock'n'Rollers of Stoner Doom. Their first EP is hot as the flames of hell and heavy as an anvil. As the final track of the release says, this a 'Hammer of Doom'.

3. Green Hog Band - Dark Territory (January 29, 2021 - Heavy Psych / Stoner Doom New York, USA)
So, you like Psychedelia and Doom, but also want to impress the Lord of Darkness? Then, Green Hog Band is your go-to artist. "Dark Territory" is a psychedelic journey through the tightest rabbit holes, steadily moving towards hell.

4. Sonic Demon - Vendetta (January 29, 2021 - Acid Metal from Italy)
V is for Vendetta and A is for Acid. Sonic Demon provide us with trippy and brachial sounds. Scratchy, fuzzy and brutal sonic shots whirl about in a psychedelic calleidoscope. The sound on "Vendetta" crosses the boundaries between a joyful acid trip and a hellish nightmare plenty of times.

5. Froglord - Save the Frogs (February 05, 2021 - Stoner Doom / Sludge from Bristol, England)
The Froglord has lastly been featured on MangoWave when their album "Amphibian Ascending" was released. The EP "Save the Frogs" is a charity release that raised over $1,000 for Thus, you can combine the protection of amphibian populations and the love for heavy Sludge and Doom easily!

So, that's it? Only for now!
On March 05, 2021, three new releases by The Swamp Records will be out. Since I'm a lover of The Swamp, they'll all be reviewed here.


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