Split Review: Dust Lord / Bog Wizard - Four Tales of the Strange (2021)

Picture Credit: The Swamp Records
Artwork: Marinko Milosevski

Dust Lord / Bog Wizard - Four Tales of the Strange
Release Date: 05 March, 2021
Label: Fuzzy Cracklins / The Swamp
Format: Vinyl / CD / Cassette / Digital
Length: 35:40

"Four Tales of the Strange" is a four-track split featuring each two tunes by Coloado's Dust Lord and Michigan's Bog Wizard. The release is being distributed on 12'' vinyl, CD, tape, and as a digital version via California's The Swamp Records / Fuzzy Cracklins.

A-Side: Dust Lord
Length: 16:01
Genre: Stoner Metal / Doom Metal
Origin: Colorado Springs (Colorado), USA

Peter, Spike and Rob are Dust Lord. On the two tracks 'Not Men, Not Women, Not Beasts' and 'Career Opportunities' they present some heavily raging and doomed Stoner Metal. Hoarse screaming accompanies the brutal soundscape that reminds of sludgy Doom à la Dopethrone. Dust Lord are spitting venom with a sound they call Party Doom.

B-Side: Bog Wizard
Length: 19:39
Genre: Stoner Metal / Desert Rock
Origin: Michigan, USA

I triple-checked if I had overlooked an n in this band name, but now I am assured that Ben, Colby and Harlen are Bog Wizard, not Bong Wizard. The trio presents some oozy sound that combines the fuzzy psychedelia of Doom Metal with sonorous and melodic Desert Rock. 'Paladin of Death' and'Gelatinous Cube' are two mid-tempo bangers that feel like wading through thick swamp. According to the band this is Nerd Doom.


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