Album Review: Pentesilea Road - Pentesilea Road (2021)

Picture Credit: Pentesilea Road

Pentesilea Road - Pentesilea Road
Release Date: February 26, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 71:48
Genre: Neo-Prog / Prog Metal
Origin: Italy

Pentesilea Road is the brainchild by Vito F. Mainolfi. The artist from Italy has written and composed a dozen of songs that have now been released as Pentesilea Road’s self-titled debut album. While Mainolfi has recorded the guitars and the bass for the album, he received energetic support on the further realization of “Pentesilea Road”. Thus, the vocals are provided by Lorenzo Nocerino, Ray Alder, and Michele Guaitoli. Ezio di Ieso has played the synthies and pianos, and the drums were recorded by Mark Zonder and Alfonso Mocerino. And last but not least, there is a jazzy cameo in the song ‘Give them Space’ by none less than Paul Prins. The latter, by the way, is an absolute killer track!

The result is a highly artistic album of modern Progressive Rock. Pentesilea provide us with some sophisticated Neo-Prog with certain Prog Metal influences and the confidence of contemporary Jazz. And nevertheless, “Pentesilea Road” is a heavy output that does not turn into washed out AOR or Soft Rock. Instead, Pentesilea Road present themselves with broad shoulders, soulful filigree, and skilled eclecticism. This album is living proof that music can be intelligent, heavy and melodic at the same time. Join Vito F. Mainolfi and his fellow musicians on this Post-Progressive journey leading you along the roads of the Invisible City.

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