Album Review: Eleni Era - Younger Heart (2021)

Picture Credit: Eleni Era
Photograph: Filep Motwary
Design: Zara Der Arakelian

Eleni Era - Younger Heart
Release Date: March 31, 2021
Label: Louvana Records
Format: Vinyl / CD / Digital
Length: 37:30
Genre: Indie Pop / Dream Pop
Origin: Berlin, Germany

Two years after her debut "Rise Love", Berlin's Eleni Era is back with her second full-length release "Younger Heart" - a ten-track reverie full of colourful harmonies, passionate melancholia, and living proof that soft and emotional music can be very deep. All songs on the album were written by Eleni Era herself, except for 'Bells' (Lefteris Moumtzis), 'No Ending to the Wonder' (co-written by Lefteris Moumtzis), 'Who you are' and 'Mirror' (co-written by Charambalos Eracleous). Era received further musical support by:
Vassilis Phillippou (vocals on 'Psyche'),
Michalis Michael (flügelhorn and trumpet on 'Psyche' and 'Mirror'),
Demetris Yiasemides (trombone on 'Psyche' and 'The Hurt'),
Fotis Siotas (violn and viola on 'Deceived'),
Andreas Trachonitis (drums and programming), and
Lefteris Moumtzis (electric bass, double bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, concert chimes, synthesizers, and vocals).
Mastermind Eleni Era completes the line-up with synthesizers, rhodes piano, piano, and her stunning vocals in English and Greek.

The ten tracks on "Younger Heart"feel like soothing wisps of wind. Eleni Era and her fellow musicians create a comforting atmosphere of gentle and colourful sounds. Melancholia meets sweet passion as Era raises her voice above the soft and symphonic soundscapes. This wholesome album is a strong empowering release for the passionate. The 37 minutes of uplifting and intelligent music feel like a week of holidays in the countryside. Despite the soft surface of the soundscapes, the ten tracks are nothing but shallow. "Younger Heart" is a self-empowering, energizing album full of honest emotions and sonic beauty.

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