Review: Grande Fox - Empty Nest (2021)

Picture Credit: Grande Fox
Artwork: ZAO / Jon Toussas

Grande Fox - Empty Nest
Release Date: February 19, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 40:46
Genre: Heavy Rock / Desert Rock
Origin: Thessaloniki, Greece

I am filled with joy, wanderlust, and a bit of melancholia every time, I receive new music from Thessaloniki. Now, it has been over two years, I visited this vibrant city, and I really need to go there again. One of the reasons is the huge amount of awesome musicians, artists, and bands that call Thessaloniki their home.
Anyways, on hand we have the new album by Grande Fox. "Empty Nest" is a diverting collection of fuzzy, dynamic and somewhat stoned tracks - forty minutes of intense and mesmerizing Desert Rock.

Grande Fox are spreading their dusty tunes at great velocity. If you imagine Heavy Rock being a ride, "Empty Nest" is a dragster race in the desert. Psychedelic elements decorate their bone-dry soundscapes from time to time - in 'Overdose' especially, the wavering sounds resemble the realization that maybe the second shroom was one too much.

Another outstanding feature in Grande Fox's Heavy Rock is the dark air of pre-Millenium Alternative Rock. With whispered vocals and and atmosphere that looks like the inside of a black dog's auditory canal, "Empty Nest" adds a lot of blackness to their sedating sound. The final passage of 'Brainstorm' is a multicolour dark journey to the dancefloors of rock clubs before Y2K.

Picture Credit: Grande Fox

This is not the standard Desert Rock experience. Grande Fox invite us on a very special journey alongside huge rocks, sand storms, and skeletons. Their album "Empty Nest" shows that even under a burning red sun, darkness can spread.

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