Review: Little Hole Filled - And The Ants Still March On (2020)

Picture Credit: Little Hole Filled
Artwork: Miriel Zeiner

Little Hole Filled - And The Ants Still March On
Release Date: October 06, 2020 (digital), March 26, 2021 (physical)
Label: Konkord / Cargo Records
Format: Vinyl / CD / Digital
Length: 40:09
Genre: Doom Metal
Origin: Austria

"And The Ants Still March On" is the debut album by Austria's Stoner Doom quartet Little Hole Filled. Originally released digitally, the seven-track fuzz attack is now available as a physical release via Konkord and Cargo Records - reason enough to listen closely what the four musicians have created here.

Drummer Thomas Breiteneder is propelling a steady and halting march with extremely heavy boots as the foundation of this 40-minute Doom journey. Manfred Steininger on the bass, and guitarists Otto Hackl and Philipp Diesenreiter spread a massively fuzzy, crunchy, and heavily distorted carpet of gloomy but harmonic noise above these marching rhythms. Rather clean guitar sounds erase from this thundering soundscape like Heavy Metal lightning and the stunning vocals by Philipp Diesenreiter appear like the sermons of a minister preaching eschaton.

Whilst mostly situated in the realms of apocalyptic Doom Metal, "And The Ants Still March On" has something very positive to it. This is not the end of all days Little Hole Filled are describing here. Well, it might be the end of humankind, but... the ants still march on.
The sedating Blues motifs in most of the songs add a very strong Stoner Rock theme to the album. And that impact will make fans of Lord of the Grave or Candlemass very happy - and actually, the link to the first Black Sabbath can be drawn, too.

That said, Little Hole Filled's may not be a revolutionary release in the realms of Stoner Doom. Nevertheless, it is an extremely powerful album you will not regret having in your collection. Not a single dropout on this record, so let there be Doom!
Also, if you want to know what the Austrian language sounds like in heavy music, listen to the finale track 'Weiße Wänd'.

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