News: Black Sasquatch announce new EP


Picture Credit: Black Sasquatch

Good news, all you sasquatch hunters and bigfoot fans! Black Sasquatch from Zanesville, Ohio have announced a new EP called "Believe" to be released via INC Records next spring. As a little appetizer, the Hard Rock / Punk Rock / Heavy Rock combo has presented their new single 'Infected' yesterday. And yes, it's about a virus.

'Infected' comes with heavy Punk Rock riffs, Adolescents-like choruses, stomping Heavy Rock passages, nihilist Hard Rock à la Adrenalin O.D., and that certain Sasquatch x-factor. This certainly is an ideal song for raising the bottles, going hiking, or starting a midtempo moshpit.

And by the way, whenever I listen to Black Sasquatch, I think of this cartoon:

Picture Credit: Rob DenBleyker

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