News: Moon Walker - Disturbed Suburbia (2021)

Picture Credit: Madison McConnell

 Moon Walker - Disturbed Suburbia
Release Date: August 13, 2021
Length: 04:21
Genre: Alternative Rock / Indie Rock
Origin: Los Angeles, CA, USA

LA's aspiring duo Moon Walker was highly praised on MangoWave when they released their critical take on media 'The TV made me do it' in June. In August, Sean and Harry continued their sarcastic and teasing critique on mischiefs of a so-called enlightened society. In 'Disturbed Suburbia', Moon Walker disenchant the upper middle class's enclosed paradise - suburbia. The suburban space (in the US) is a sphere inhabited by predominantly white and privileged people who claim to be antiracist and progressive - but those lip servives only last until they are actually confronted with their own privilege. It's a white man's world.
With suburbs being one of the most American things I can imagine, I am reminded of Crèvecoeur's essay "What is an American". Since Europeans began colonizing the continent, the definition of a Americans has quickly turned to them being white Christians - and that has not changed ever since. Moon Walker's single 'Disturbed Suburbia' is a critical take on that very phenomenon.

Moon Walker convey their message via easy-going, sunny, and dynamic sounds. A little less psychedelic, and slightly less funky than in 'The TV made me do it', Harry and Sean produce butt-moving Indie and Alternative Rock. The muffled bass interlocks with the drum beats and provides the leg work in this banging piece. Riffs, vocals (and Harry's hair) remind of the glorious times of early The Strokes hits, and defintely create one of the greatest Indie sounds of recent times. Moon Walker are a hit machine you should look out for.

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