News: Molosser - Ellesmere Island (2021)

Picture Credit: Molosser

  Molosser - Ellesmere Island
Release Date: September 03, 2021
Length: 03:38
Genre: Folk Rock
Origin: UråsaSweden

Uråsa's Folk Rock duo Tess and Jahn, also known as Molosser, will probably not need any further introduction since they have appeared on MangoWave quite frequently, as you can see by clicking here. If you want to know more about the two artists from Sweden, the review of their album "Appear" might be the best way to learn about them.
The single on hand was originally featured on that very album as well - a full-length release consisting of nine A-Sides as it was called. On 'Ellesmere Island', Molosser take us to a cold, cold place: Canada's northernmost island Ellesmere - also known as Umingmak Nuna in the Inuktitut language.

With guitars tuned so low they could salvage ship wrecks from the Arctic Sea, and percussions as soft as the noises of steps through thick snow, Molosser musick the atmosphere of the sparsely populated. The vocals by Tess are the warming contrary to the icy soundscape, and together they create a thrilling and harmonic vibration. Think of the space where the heat of a camp fire and the cold of the Arctic meet.

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Molosser Online:
Homepage (Evil Ear)


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